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At BOCA RATON CENTER FOR CHILD & FAMILY, we want to be your trusted partners in behavioral health. Since 2012, our team of highly trained specialists have provided an array of services to tackle a wide range of mental health related matters. We look forward to serving all of your mental health needs. Stop by our clinic or book a consultation!

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Latest Projects

Here’s What’s Happening

 There's reason why Dr. Edan M. Alcalay is known for providing cutting edge, science based psychological services in the South Florida area.  As a professor at Lynn University, Dr. Alcalay conducts research on modern topics such as the Anxiety Explosion, the Digital Era and its Impact on our Youth, Project Brain, and Child Play. Furthermore, Dr. Alcalay is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), Association for Play Therapy (APT), United Way, and Florida Psychological Association (FPA).

The Anxiety Explosion

Who am I? What will I do? What should I study? What will I be? What is going to happen if….? & “What if…?”   are all questions that fuel anxiety during the adolescent transitional period.  During this stage, moderate levels of anxiety can manifest and create much distortion.  Often, it can be seen as ADHD or as a Learning Disorder, however, if we can assist these individuals into a smooth transition, then successful resolution, increased learning, and identify formation can be accomplished.  Dr. Edan M. Alcalay will discuss the recent trends affecting adolescents and how Anxiety has significantly increased over the last 30 years.  He will also help identify specific markers, and techniques to reduce anxiety and stress.

The anxiety explosion book by Dr. Edan M. Alcalay Psy.D. in Boca Raton

The Digital Era

American Youth spend more than 7 hours per day in front of a screen!! For the growing brain, there are many negative impacts including neurological changes as well as psychological influences.  Dr. Edan M. Alcalay conducts research on how Screen Time is manipulating us in many ways, and how learning is negatively affected.  Also, he revealed how the 1980’s was a pivotal time period, define the adolescent psychosocial stage of development, the effects of too much screen time, the pros & cons of Social Networking (i.e. Facebook), and provide strategies to reduce screen time.

The Digital Era book by Dr. Edan M. Alcalay Psy.D.

Project Brain

Project Brain is a Social Norms campaign facilitated in numerous Broward County public schools.  The Project Brain health campaign empowers youth to prevent or reduce alcohol consumption.  Through the use of the research based Social Norms approach, a change in perception toward alcohol is created resulting in a change in behavior. Research has shown that people’s behavior follows what we think the majority of others are doing. Using social norms marketing to inform people that the majority of their peers do NOT smoke, drink alcohol, drink and drive helps to reduce the likelihood that they will.  Dr. Alcalay has been a part of this team and has traveled to schools in order to promote brain mental health.

Convention for Project Brain in Broward County with Dr. Alcalay

Teaching Responsible Behaviors Adolescents

Teaching Responsible Behaviors to Adolescents (TRBA) is a pilot study serving as a prevention program  to adolescents and their parents. The services of the program are focused on identifying and targeting early symptoms of aggression and depression in adolescents, providing psycho-education to parents and adolescents, promoting adolescent autonomy, self-efficacy and pro-social skills, and enhancing family life and communication.

informational flyer for TRBA Program

Program for Alcohol Abusing Adolescents using Combined Therapy and Exercise

Program for Alcohol Abusing Adolescents using Combined Therapy and Exercise (PACTE) is a new 90-day revolutionary program design that incorporates both group therapy and exercise as an intervention for adolescents struggling with alcohol addiction.  The goal of this intervention is to reduce alcohol use, reduce relapse rates, and increase adolescents problem solving and coping skills. 

It is estimated that approximately 90% of high school seniors, in other words, 10 million adolescents in the United States report some degree of alcohol use (Office of Applied Studies, 2003). These numbers point to the urgent need to create intervention programs that address alcohol addiction among teenagers, with the hope that intervening early will reduce both the severity of the alcohol abuse and decrease the long term likelihood of relapse.  

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